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Are you tired of the same old activities on the Costa del Sol? Want something a bit different for your party, birthday, or special family event? Then you’ve come to the right place! Big Screen Marbella provides an awesome experience right in your back yard…

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Our outdoor home cinema provides a brand new experience in entertaining your friends or hosting a gaming event. Imagine playing Call of Duty, outside on a giant 120 inch big screen in Marbella. No matter what console or fun event you might want to have…

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Rent our GIANT 120 inch big screen and enjoy watching your favourite movie with friends & family in your own home in Marbella!

Our outdoor cinema experience comes complete with 1920 x 1080p 4K Ultra HD projector, loud Pioneer speaker and all cables so you can connect and play your own devices through HDMI.

As the equipment is yours for the night, your choice of entertainment is endless!

Plug in your laptop to stream movies or series from Netflix or Amazon Prime, or connect the playstation or XBOX and enjoy gaming with your friends… together you can enjoy a new fun experience watching the big screen with your family and friends in your own backyard or terrace.

Use your own furniture or we can provide a mini lounge set complete with blankets & lamps. We also provide children’s & gourmet food packages so you sit back, relax and enjoy the movie too! 

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All the images that you see on this page are actual shots of the projector image which displays stunning HD from dusk (currently around 9:45pm 15th July 2020)… perfect for after dinner soirées during these hot Marbella summer nights!

Everything is included and we will set it up for you so you are ready to plug in your device and play your favourite movie!

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