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Let’s face it, gaming today has reached some amazing levels to say the least! Gaming today are immersive experiences with production levels that are almost equal to that of Hollywood feature films. Game consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and even the Wii have become a major leisure hub for both young and old.

With so many advancements in technology, projectors and big screens are not only limited to gaming consoles. You can watch High Definition films or television series off Netflix, HBO, SKY, Hulu and more in your back garden! Over the last few years, home theatre projectors have become truly viable choices — with prices that are well within reach for the average consumer. Why turn to a flat screen TV when, for just a few euros more, you could immerse yourself in the big screen action with one of our rental packages?

The best part is you can host a night with the lads or ladies to play your favourite zombie game or shoot’em all in Call of Duty. The point is you will never forget this awesome experience at home. And, best of all you will be known as the best host or hostess in Marbella!

Gaming is no longer something nerdy kids do in their bedrooms; the gaming culture is vast and growing everyday. Parents game with their kids and kids game with each other — all across the world. At one time or another, every gamer has sat in the movie theatre and wished they could play their favourite game on that giant screen. 


Sports And Projectors – The Perfect Combination

We’re happy to tell you that we provide our services to local bars, clubs and restaurants who want to bring in those customers who love football, rugby, cricket and other popular sporting games. With a projector and big screen you get a much lower cost solution then having to buy flat screen televisions outright. Please note that the screen and projector need full darkness to operate.

Watching football on a projector screen gives your customers a larger than life experience, which of course is much better than being at home. Projectors produce giant images and not necessarily fixed in size. Projectors and a big screen are much cheaper than TV’s, plus we come to you and set it all up. Our projectors work with DVD and Blu-ray players, iPads and iPhones, Android phones, gaming systems and many other sources. Please inform us which device you would like to use so that we can check compatibility.

Hands down, a projector is the closest way to replicate watching a movie in a theatre.


Hire Big Screen Marbella for Your Events

Our outdoor home cinema experience comes complete with 1920 x 1080p 4K Ultra HD projector, loud professional pioneer speaker and all cables so you can connect and play your own devices through HDMI.

As the equipment is yours for the night, your choice of entertainment is endless!

Plug in your laptop to stream movies or series from Netflix or Amazon Prime, or connect the playstation or XBOX and enjoy gaming with your friends… together you can enjoy a new fun experience watching the big screen with your family and friends in your own backyard or terrace.

The projector also uses wifi so you can stream straight from your mobile or tablet or plug in a USB… you are sure to find something to watch!


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